Dirty Dozen

I’ll take a dirty dozen.

Throw in the glazed, the mazed, the twisted, the mystic.

Not like it has to be said,

But you know the variety makes it a band

Of brothers, different makes us all one, dirty dozen fresh out the oven.

Seriously though, who you be? What’s your story?

Sitting here thinking of the past,

At last, you share your secrets, so devious.

But I’m happy though,

You let go and I’m sourin’.

Times have changed, names rearranged, beautiful lyrics come out of the game.

Beautiful, just as the light shows its might, you get patient

Knowing only lovers have the patience, to see past the faults and all the good,

You feel worthy.

Of all the praises and the glory, you examine life and get corny.

Child is born, looks like hope and innocence,

Washing away the guilty renaissance.

A soul to roll the hills and smile and grin, it’s for you and anyone.

Fresh from heavens sky, my sky realized

Seriously deep and timid,

Rearranging me only to be seen, we’re just a symptom of this beautiful dream.