Fall or Fly

I wrote this poem because I wanted to share what I think is the journey of compassion. I have some friends right now going through some hard times, I want them to know it gets better.

Beyond my troubles, I remain aware that this is all temporary.

My mood, my options, my low spirit, is all temporary.

I can gain strength from those who love me, admire me, and have compassion for me.

Why does all of this have to be so hard?

Why do so many people care about the outcome and not the process?

It takes work, lots of unseen work to open your heart to forgive, to give, to receive, to believe.

The most vulnerable I’ve ever been was to try to forgive, arms open like wings of an angel, ready to fall or fly.

Until you’re ready to do either of those two things, you can’t receive or believe.

It’s so hard!

You’re so right about how you were mistreated, taken advantage of, not respected, you’re so right!

But you need to fall or fly.

You need to be released from the chains of your past, who you became, the limits you set on yourself.

Fall or fly, I choose both.

I give you the love and respect you don’t give me.

I give you the compassion you don’t know you need.

I gently share my pain and don’t blame. I start to see before my eyes, the love I was missing all this time.

To show love is to be love, to be love is to receive love.

You can’t fix anyone, just be the example, share the journey, of not always being right, not always being loved, not always being light.

Be real, raw, authentic.

This bleeds over to others, to their paper, their pen.

Alone with just your words, mighty, mighty words, repeat with the pen, the stain on paper, and say to yourself, you got this.

It’s hard but this is when I grew, when I changed, when it got easier, when I saw my path.

Fall or fly? I choose both.