I wrote this poem on September 02, 2019. The light in my office was coming in just so that I tore off a big piece of paper and started writing.

The sun has a soothing glisten off the clear water

Drum beats in the distance give my body license to rock

Deep within, my mind takes a vacation and it’s just me

Simmering in the abundance of life, no misery.

This tranquility makes me remember my dreams

A smile creeps on my face, a dimple appears, peaking and giggling

Does the child inside still play?

Remembering the imagination that laid over all I saw

Over every impulse to move, to play, to marinate in it all.

2/$1 candy corns, fruit slices, Limon 7 packets only 10c each.

Walks to the liquor store were exhilarating activities

Even if for Corn flakes, milk and banana’s, a feast of sugar

was imminent, a festivity.

A belly stuffed with nutrients, rolled on the floor to watch

weekend wrestling.

We fought between commercials, play-fighting like

The Hulk and The Giant, Macho-Man Randy Savage

Hero’s for the father-less kids, strength you could

see from within, characters you failed to see

These were real enemies.

So was the outside.

The world inside my mind, though, came alive.

This imagination now showers me with soothing thoughts of youth

We did come a long way, didn’t we?