Glory is as Glory Does


Glory is as Glory does. Hours worked, curtains drawn, thoughts written out like your first hit song. No hesitation – grab & go, so quick to make assumptions.

Where’s your privilege when you’re unprepared?

Rows of those who want the chance, waiting for that one last dance.

This is it, all I’ve worked for, no later arriving then when I earned it.

Light bounces off this new gem, I squint to see within. It’s much different than I expected. So much so that I can’t interpret.

Just get on, sink or swim, read the body language.

Slowly this ride isn’t as fast, it’s the turns and dives that still make me gasp.

My burden to fix all that ails the masses, leaves heartburn and serious rashes.

Drink after drink I try to easy my mind. Wondering why I can’t find the time, to work it out, figure it out, there is no doubt.

I’m in a zone that encourages speeding, limits that change depending on who’s leading. Surely there’s an answer they can see, an intent that they can believe.

I come to the table with no labels, open mind and solving crimes. You can’t fix that which isn’t broken.

That record’s diamond tip is only meant to spin the greatest hits.

Not changed but forever gold, you sing that loud, I sing that bold.

This is profound glory, after all.