Good Things To Come

I think I’ve realized something today,

It popped in my mind quietly and it almost got away,

I realized I had so many experiences that prepared me for today,

To catch the hopping rabbit that led the way,

And as I followed, I let my hand touch the tops of the flowers that spring had laid out like signs to keep going.

I was in wonder as I saw the thing I’d not seen before,

It can be easier than you know to be at peace with who you are,

In this moment.

To know definitively that you do or don’t like that thing.

That thing you’ve been telling yourself is okay, if only.

If only what though?

More money, more likes, more followers?

What if I followed me wherever I went, what if I liked all of my comments?

What if I ran over my profile with admiration, scrolling at all the things that make me, me and like everything?

I realized this today, and I realized that all my experiences prepared me for today, when I’d finally realize and could say,

Follow your rabbit as it hops through fields, through streets, through thoughts, through you,

Until you see with wonder, that thing you realize that you realized about yourself, today.