Inspiration Spoken, Admiration Felt

For my husband. Written February 21, 2020.

Thoughts of admiration linger in the air like cool clothes on my neck.

Ohhhh, I see you. Being there for me like a rock. Not shiny, just deeply rooted in the earth, bringing me back to my roots.

I don’t recall when I first left this space, on a path, no tarmac, just a destination to

Success. It’s so sweet, you are there with me,

Jet-setting our destiny.

You bring me back to what’s real, what it feels like to be home,

To be loved and challenged, to find tolerance when you ain’t my child.

Digging deep, soul searchers get nominated, awards received,

Speeches given.

You are my best picture. My light when I ain’t lit.

Here I go, into the beyond, beyond my wildest dreams.

That smile, that comforting meal, clanks of dishes, pours of wine…these are the things that bring me back to you, to my roots.