Moved On

Did I move on and forget to tell you?

I thought you were still there, waiting for me.

But you have far exceeded what we were,

What we ever could be.

What’s sad, so lonely, so hard to accept,

Is that I too moved past what we have already wept.

In truth, we don’t need the other and the good parts of the past, have past.

Life takes on so many styles, what’s in now will live in your closet for years,

A memory of who you were, how daring, how conservative.

I take it all down.

Let me start anew.

I knew who I used to be, how I got here and how I need to begin again, I think.

So I begin that journey,


So much more aware of the me I am without you.

No constraints by pleasantries, sensitivities, just boundaries.

I have mine and I’m fine,

Relieved, I could say what they were, finally understood.

Move on, and on, and on, little bird.