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wrote this poem after coming home from being in court all day. It was February 6th, 2019, it was a Wednesday. I had been helping a friend during a custody case and it was supercharged with emotions for everyone. The anxiety my friend felt was palpable. Though I felt there wasn’t much I could do to help her with that anxiety, I had to remain calm and supportive, though I had to pour out my feelings as soon as I was by myself.

Standing in front of my fears, my worries, my expectations

I hold back my tears, my lonely, my anxious.

I see I have time to bend, to mend and lend a helping hand

That I lay out, with hope, with no doubt

I seek answers folded between papers

Clipped in binders, held in cases.

My words of yesterday bend my reality to tomorrow

I accept that I have said all my words of sorrow

That they are cemented, like plaques honoring the gifted

I see now that belief holds power and good bangs louder

That everyone hears, dancing to feet, releasing fears

Unwavering motion, like eyes piercing

I Blink.

All before me breaks open like waves crashing

Cool breeze everlasting

That breathe I breath fills my new memories

Now I walk with ease, a new me.

What a memory that was, with no residue

No back due, just me as the strong bow

Surprised at how far I can go.