Take the Glory, Take the Power

Take the Glory, Take the Power

My thoughts have been circling around my recent promotion and thinking about what kind of leader I want to be. I had years as an entrepreneur and none of that prepared me for Corporate America…or so I thought. I want those who are experiencing this shock to know that you have a real power to change things. I’m finding my power and I vow to do good by it.


Not to be let down, now that’s a thought. The dirty world of Corporate America is not lost, on me. Not just buses run you over in 60 seconds, speeding over you like they got tickets. Serious crimes of reputation assaults, repeat offenders.

Not knowing and bestowing some great skill to be admired. Lost in their own mirror.

What’s intelligence with no empathy? What’s a relationship with no respect?

Take your IQ to your office, where you eat alone, phobic of the emotions walking through the halls. You can’t stand the creeping, crawling of their need to interact, to seek acceptance. You go back to your midnight work, the belittling takes concentration.

Shot caller, unacknowledger, you’re so powerful. Take the glory, take it all – I find my creeping, crawling with you all.

I see the bully, twas the teased. The master plan to be the man, here you are with all your power, just as little as the hour, you were born. All alone. You have what you wanted, except there is no ownage. Slipping like sand through your hands, your big masterplan.

My power lies within and without censorship, with silent glory, late night thoughts and stories. Writing till frustration hits, eyes flinched.

My mind and time and all that intertwines, somehow makes this seem no less to me, a perfect time to stand and be. The change we hear so much about; whoever takes the power, writes the story. Where voices are heard and hearts are healed, where time is still and power revealed.

Be the voice between the lines, take the glory, take the power.