Ziggy Stardust

Inspired by my kitten lately. She moves quick and wiggles vite, we call her Ziggle, Zaggle, McZigglenator, Ziggy Stardust.

She was found, or rather, she found, an owner by jumping into my colleagues sons car window while they waited for their food in the McDonalds drive-thru. She’s got balls!

Well having a kitten in the house again has been really nice. So here’s one for you Ziggle Zaggle Wiggle McZigglenator!

So young and energetic, the old momma bear cat

tires looking at you,

You come around corners, paws up and pounce

oh too soon.

They all look suspiciously at you,

Not a young heart in the house.

The way you move, suspiciously erratic,

Not like their slow and purposeful struts

To the kitty bowl for water or a chomping on crunches like nuts.

You nip at their heals, forcing them to

fall on their sides and accept you crashing

into them.

Holding tight, kicking, a playful fight they

aren’t winning.

Then you’re off to chase the dust ball you saw,

ziggle through the hall.

You zaggle up to it and declare it’s now for all four paws.

She wiggles and waggles through the backs of couches, on desks between keyboards and mouses.

Till all the ziggling turns to stardust and she drifts into a ball of sleepy purrrpose.